Kunstkraftwerk Leizpig Devour


For the first of our new Culinary Salons from foodie experts Caroline Hobkinson and Chloé Morris, we will take a close look at religious taboos in food. Illustrating the subject will be three controversial bites – the suckling pig, the Body of Christ and a human blood sausage – presented by the Rabbi and Imam, the Priest and the Cannibal respectively.

Shoreditch Bites is a Culinary Salon and creative platform which celebrates the ideas and stories behind food and drink. We want to challenge your preconceptions around food-related taboos and better understand their origins and meanings.

Food in the Frame


Ruby Tandoh on the fascinating, evolving role played by food in art over the centuries. Very honoured to have been included in the program.



An extraordinary Celebration of British Autum at Kensington Palace


I worked with Maison de fleur on the edible floral centre piece


An immersive Adventure in Gotland

I was asked to be a Guest Lecturer on the Critical Exhibition Studies course at the HDK Gothenburg and I happily exepted after learning that we all go ont he Island of Gotland. I was amazed how clever the cutlery was I asked them to design for the main Feast we created. They gathered outside, had a warming Welcome Drink and were lead in blindfolded one by one into the big Entrance Hall of the Exhibition Centre.

Celebrating Design Festival with Bombay Sapphire and Shoreditch House

Cider Martinis and a musical Mud Cake: Kopparberg launch at the Hoxton Hotel



Sensations, inspired by a visit:

 ‘A really specific, chilling, sensory deprivation.’

Sensory perceptions are totally modified, mainly by the constant reverberation of sound and lack of light. The profound and site specific echo makes it a truly unique experience.

 Total absence of light creates the opportunity of absolute control on the limits of the space through artificial lighting (or absence of it). In obscurity, the eyes need time to start perceiving the limits of the space, creating a subtle sensation of endlessness. Lights turned on an off constantly, blinding and making guests loose referral. Somehow, this sensory ‘capsule’ created a need, or connection to primal sensations. The smell of fresh lemon peel, a slice of perfectly cooked meat, comfort foods and textures.

 The space is so monumental, that the narrative could be sewed almost as a ritual, inducing a religious experience.

 We believe the history of the space is important, and must be included in the food design.




 The Gin Cube

Jellified Gin & Tonic with floating cucumber and lemon peel.

 Eat before entering the wind-tunnel, as a preparation to it.


 The round mysterious Flavour

Granadilla cocktail with rum and herbs, served with a straw, in the first dark room


 The loudest Food in the quietest place on earth

Mr. Trotter’s great British pork Crackling

seasoned with crackling crystals.

 Vegetarian version beetroot and parsnip crisps with crackling crystals.

 Served in bags, after waiters have placed guests against the anechoic foam wall. After this sonic contrast of darkness and in-mouth noises, guests are all welcome to come to the main room, where the table will be waiting for them. All of this happens in a slow, silenced, almost religious procession.


Airplane noise and Umami

 Umami enhanced Gazpacho in a round rustic stale hollowed sourdough bread.  Horseradish bits, chilli and lemon zest.

Served with airplane noise.

 Have you ever noticed how many people ask for tomato juice from the drinks trolley on airplanes? Tomato juice is described as earthy and musty at normal pressure under cabin pressure it is described as pleasantly and fruity. Does the umami-rich tomato provide the only taste unaffected by the loud background noise while in flight?


Flying Soldiers

On a round cracker, a small beans vegetable stew, soft and warm. A duck egg yolk in the middle.

Asparagus is hovering mid air.

 Served with the sound of flying ducks.

Eat by breaking the bread and dipping it in the food. The flying asparagus is lowered. Break the yolk with them.


The Dream of Icarus

Duck breast (or foie gras poêlé) with balsamic vinegar 50 years of age sauce.

Served with Phillip Glass Metamorphosis

Charles Michel arrives, with a cutting board.

He uncovers the duck, and slices it, with waiters coming one by one with two plates each. The 3 slices of duck are served on specially crafted clay plate with the imprints of the food served on them like fossils.

 To be eaten with long tribal bamboo sticks adorned with feathers.


Honey Comb


The purest produce of nature, honey, as it is in the hive. Millions of bee flights are needed to bring together the nectar, still imprisoned in the wax that melted under the fire of Icarus ambition. Human ambition.


At the beginning, we hear the sound of a hive …Then, slowly, the sound of airplanes start coming in. It begins with the sound of a Gloster Gauntlet flight noise, the sound of the planes crashing on the Twin Towers.


Chocolate and Cocoa

 A dark chocolate mousse, flamed with orange scented alcohol. Crunchy bits of caramel.

“I don’t want to set the world on fire”  Vera Lynn.

The mousse is served on cold metal bowls, then comes the flaming.

Flames are dancing over the mousse, slowly melting it down.

Time and space died yesterday. We already live in the absolute, because we have already created eternal, omnipresent speed…

Filippo Marinetti


Farnborough, June 2014

A multisensory journey in 5 bites

3 cocktails I created to go with the multisensory journey into Shoreditch House.


Furry Cups

Single Malt with Bramley Apple served in a fur-lined cup

Club Row used to be the only street market in London that sold dogs. Any Sunday morning you could follow your ears. A cacophony of whimpers, yaps, yelps and just plain barking.

Newborn litters of puppies tumbled over each other in children’s cots.

Sonic Martini

Espresso Martini served with a High Frequency to bring out the Sweet Flavour

Scan the QR code and listen while you sip

It started with Music Halls and ends at the Silicon Roundabout

Cinnamon Sour

Served with a nose clip

Sip while wearing the nose clip, release halfway though

Jane Shore, a goldsmith’s daughter and lover of Edward IV dies in “a ditch of loathsome scent.”

Proust’s Chupa Chups

It was such an honour to be invited to be part of Gola – the Art and Science of Taste at the Triennale di Milano.