The German East West divide – still alive and kicking

Twenty years ago, the Berlin Wall came down.

German unification was understood by many as East Germany being taken over by West Germany. West Germany therefore “winning“. Proving that the West German way of life was somehow better…

But more than 40 percent of West Germans have never travelled to the former East. At the same time, Ostalgie – odd nostalgia for the old East Germany – manifested through a yearning for old gherkin jars and generally off tasting culinary goods spread among the former citizens of the most spied-on state in history.

Cut off by the wall two Germanies existed side by side, each developing their own cuisine in parallel worlds.

But on 3 magical November nights in 2009, 2 mouthwatering menus are telling the story of a divided Germany and  analysing which sight was tastier…

menu pop up berlin

Rachel surveying last minute prep


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Gherkin soup with sour cream and dill for the Eastern Sektor.


Lobster soup with Crème fraîche and dill for the West.


One of the poor guys who made it into the soup.


The secret food parcels, rape seed oil for the East,

Butter for the West with homemade poppyseed & carewayseed bread.


Spicy Solyianka for the comrades…


was served with a generous shot of Żubrówka.


Maultaschen on a bed of Sauerkraut in the West.


Sauerbraten, marinated pot roast competed…


against Koenigsberger Kloepse with anchovy and caper sauce.


The West was supported with a little light palette cleanser, cucumber smothered in yoghurt and sumac, a greeting from Turkey.


The East showed off its exotic friends with a vietnamese salad: Green papaya, carrots soybean sprouts sprinkled with roasted sesame and peanuts. I managed to get original Palace of the Republic plates to serve this dish on.

Champagne was served for the grand final standoff:


Homemade Stollen Ice cream vs. the creme de la creme of German culinary heights: Schwarzwaelderkirschtorte made with Fabbri Amarena cherries. After breaking through Rachel’s amazing caramelised barbed wire, each side reached the culinary highlight of the other.


And the wall came tumbling down. We all have been looking for freedom.

David at the wall.


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