Just met the very inspirational guys from Wolff Olins to give a little delectable talk for them on April the 4th  as part of their Because series- should be fun!
They have the best lunch spread I ever encountered.

A culinary lab extravaganza in Oxford

It was wonderful to meet the charismatic Charles Michel and talk food and the senses as the ultimate multi sensory experience and how diners have to taken out of their comfort zone in order to another level of culinary awareness . The day was rounded off by a lab dinner at Professor Charles Spence’s House.

Experimental Food Society Talk & Banquet

I am speaking tonight at the

on all things food art, with special attention to my sonic cake pops which I created for the Experimental Food Society Banqet in collaboration with Condiment Junkie and Professor Charles Spence.

Accompanied by video footage and photography oh and sonic cakepops!

18.30-20.30 Hochhauser Auditorium, Sackler Centre


A fully immersive sensory dining experience

tantalises every sense

Eating warm caramelised goats cheese blindfolded. The scent of roast peppers and rosemary is released. Diners can taste the scent of pepper and rosemary.

Eating floating super crunchy bread rolls specially baked by the E5 Bakery with earplugs. The crunch is internalised.

Using handcarved spears to eat the delicious saddle of venison with foraged prunes and chanterelles.

Dialling the taste. Diners are given a number and are asked to press 1 for sweet, 2 for bitter. Specially composed sound frequencies are played to alter the taste experience. Sonic cakepops where created in collaboration with the wonderful guys from Condiment Junkie.

Tonight’s Menu

A fully immersive sensory dining experience by Caroline Hobkinson
In collaboration with Experimental Psychologist Professor Charles Spence
Insert your earplugs
Devour the freshly baked Bread roll without the use of your hands
Neuroscience has revealed a deep ‘cross modal’ connection, sounds can actually
change how we perceive food experiences.
Can you hear the taste?
Blindfold yourself
Your waiter will describe the dish to you
A Cracker bread is placed in front of you
The Smell of Roast Peppers and Fresh Rosemary is distributed
Remove your blindfold
Can you see the taste?
Salmon Sashimi accompanied by a Syringe filled with Ardbeg Ten Years Old.
Revered as the peatiest and smokiest Single Malt.
Inject the Salmon with the Whisky and eat it
Reconstruct the taste of Smoked Salmon with the Smokey Scent
Taste sensations are picked up chemically by our tongue.
The sensation of flavour is a combination of taste and smell. Most of flavour is smell.
Can you smell the taste?
Palate cleanser
HENDRICK’S Gin infused Cucumber Granita
Slurp with texture treated spoons with
Rose Water Crystals and Maldon Sea Salt
Saddle of Venison with foraged Prunes, Chanterelles and Wild Cherries
Grab the hand carved long tree branch and spear it
Can you feel the taste?
In collaboration with Condiment Junkie
Sonic cake pop
Please take your phone
Dial 0845 680 2419
Research at Oxford University proved that by changing a sound alone we can change a
taste from Bitter to Sweet.
A low note brings out the Bitter, a high pitched sound brings out the Sweet flavour.
Can you dial a taste?

Caroline Hobkinson Debuts as House of Wolf’s Inaugural Guest Chef

I have been collaborating with Experimental Psychologist Professor Charles Spence, Head of the Cross modal Research Lab at Oxford University on my favourite subject  – how strong a role our senses play when we experience taste – and how we can use this academic findings in the kitchen to give us never before experienced taste sensations. The outcome is a five course multi-sensory menu titled ” Look, Listen, Smell, Touch, Eat!

Opening on Friday the 5th of October.

A culinary food Satire

Gin Bellini with fresh Elderflowers


I created a culinary dining experiences for the wonderful guys from Slowfood UK.

A little journey into 2062 & A look back on how we used to eat in 2012.



Freh mint suspended from the ceiling to complement the freeze dried peas


Fish and Chips Lollipops as imagined in 2062


On Tuesday 19 June I will be creating a Slow Food feast at the Rivington Grill Shoreditch, looking at the ritual of eating food, its traditions and how we prepare it. I am very excited to be working with Head Chef Simon Wadham .The event, entitled ‘2062’, will try to help us make sense of our world through the way we eat, BY RECONSTRUCTING A FAMILIAR MEAL OF NOW IN 2062. See you in the future!

event is now sold out



Slip, Slurp, Slump, Spill!

How amazing to be allowed to do such a performance in Milan’s prime shopping locations where people lust after the most exquisite tableware. How powerful to deconstruct a whole dinner until the breakdown of all civilised behaviour. How fateful to find the perfect performers to act out the whole Culinary Dance Theater.

Here some still impressions:

click me for some moving images of the performance

Salone Milan “The Dining Table decontructed “

Getting everything ready to go to Milan on Thursday to do my first Culinary Dance Performance. Very excited. Come and see and eat and dance if you are in town.

Friday  17:00-19:00


Food and performance artist Caroline Hobkinson shows the intimate space of the dining table laid bare, deconstructed and broken. Is it a wedding? Is it a funeral? That’s for you to decide.

I designed the table in collaboration with my friend Georg Kayser @Circular Studio Barcelona.

Cant wait to see the finished object.